USS "The Sullivans"

The Sullivan Brothers

The five Sullivan Brothers were lost when the ship to which all five were assigned, USS Juneau (CL-52) was sunk on 13 November 1942. Many memorial efforts have honored the five brothers. Since their loss much confusion has resulted from the many myths surrounding both the Sullivan brothers and the Navy's policy regarding family members serving together at sea.


In 2005 the US Navy commissioned 6 bronze plaques to be placed aboard the current "USS The Sulivans". My wife and I made 5 of these in a small shed in the winter of 05. Temperatures dipped to minus 20F during the process, this made it more difficult. The plaques were 18 x20 inches and weighed about 35 lbs each.


Drag (bottom) section of the mold.

Note the "gate", it connects the runner bar to the casting.

Cope (top) section of mold.

Pouring equipment: Crucible, Lifting Tongs and Pouring Shank.

Molten bronze is ready to pour.
1.Turn off furnace.
2. Remove lid.
3.Remove body section.

4.Lift crucible with tongs and place into pouring shank.
5.Lift pouring shank and pour.

Photo shows the gating still attached, it will be cut and removed.
The oval shape at the top is for a personalized photo.






Largest of the six plaques. Cast at CRS of Spokane and finished at Lost & Foundry.

  20 x 24 Inches

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