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Toy Soldier 1934 Ford Grill
Rammers     your first project
USS The Sullivans Plaque project
Head Start Medallions Toe Tip
 Cup, Spoon and Saucer
Penny Patton
1964 Mercury Marauder restoration by Flemings Ultimate Garage.
 Match Plate
3 year restoration held up by locating marauder badge.
 Car Wash
Craft Molding
Model Plane
propeller Plaque is made of aluminum, 17x11x1/4 inch. Background made with 1/8th wood. Three faces made with "metal stampings". Right side row of nuts made with actual nuts glued to the wood and waxed around the edges to make it more rounded.
A feather was glued to the background and shellaced. Several different letter styles were used, made of metal or plastic, keyword "pattern letters".
Small skulls are plastic kid rings with the round part cut off. The entire pattern was shellaced twice prior to molding, this seals the wood pattern from the sand
Bell        Lost Foam  Brass Face
Golf Putter
Cutting down to the parting line.
The outside is cut down to the parting line, the inside is not.


Midget racer grill
Dark section is the core.
 Light section is the Cope (top) half of the mold.


Drag (bottom) of mold after pattern has been removed and "core" replaced.




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