Note yellow color from melting brass. Wear a respirator!

Smoke from molten brass is Dangerous!

Brass alloys melt between 1750F and 2050F.

Without a pyrometer: after all metal has turned to liquid, run furnace 4-5 minutes more, then pour.


Turn off furnace and remove lid. Set hot lid on a brick or other hard surface. Things like to stick to a hot surface.

Scrape off impurities and dross.

Remove crucible from furnace.

Pour into mold, watching pop-up though the smoke. The "pop-up" tells you when the mold is full and to stop pouring!

Pigs or ingot molds. Excess metal is poured off and should not solidify in the crucible.

Mold after pouring. Metal solidifies in less than 1 minute, but is still very soft.

After 15 minutes to cool, the mold is opened. The sand and casting are still very hot, wear gloves!

Gate from the cope side.

Brass casting. Note the rough area at the "runner extension" (end) and the sprue base, not on the casting. The gating system skims the metal as it enters the casting cavity.

Finishing instructions:

After filing the edges, lightly rub with 220 grit (or higher) sandpaper. Use a wire brush to hit low spots. Buff with a proper buffing wheel and compound, hard wheel, then soft.