1/4 Scale 1934 Ford

This is the grill section. The pattern needs to be flat when we make the mold.

Looking from the side. Trying to keep the horizontal section flat.


Start with the pattern in the middle of the flask. This will become the top of our mold, the cope.

After ramming the cope and flipping the mold, this is what we see.
The stick used to keep the pattern flat and the tip of the pattern.

Then we have to dig down to the "parting line". Like the equator on a globe of earth.
Using a molding spoon to dig down AND smooth the area we have dug out.
Apply parting dust to areas that have been smoothed (white colored area).

Mold after carving down to the parting line, inside and outside.


Area behind "tab" needs a core. Start by placing a pile of loose sand behind the tab and packing with a small dowel.

Greensand core after ramming/packing.


Extreme close-up!

Top section of the mold, ready to ram the bottom (drag) in the empty part of the flask.


Drag (bottom) after ramming and flipping. The pattern and core stayed with the drag.

Cope (top) section of mold. Notice sprue hole (larger) and pop-up hole. Darker section is the "gate" that will connect the runner bar with the casting.

Pattern pulled from mold. The core has been pulled out slightly and will ,carefully, be put back in place.

Core put back in place.

Casting with gating still attached.

Bottom of casting