Cup, Spoon and Saucer Casting

This casting is a symbol of achievement and excellence in the foundry industry. This test of molding skill originated many years ago in the British Isles. Foundryman there considered molding an art. An apprentice had to spend many years learning and practicing the trade  before becoming a Journeyman.

This mold is made with 3 parts: cope (top), cheek (middle) and drag (bottom). We start at the top (cope) and ram the mold upside down, flip, and remove patterns. Try it without the spoon for practice.

Step 1. Cope is right side up. Saucer is upside down


2. Ram cope and place board.


  3. Flip cope and remove board. Clean around saucer.               

4.Place cheek section of flask. Mark sprue and gates.

5. Place cup on saucer. Apply parting dust.

6. Ram cheek up to top lip of cup.

7.Dig out around cup handle.

8. Apply parting and hold finger in cup handle to hold back sand.

9. Ram one side of cup handle. Apply parting to the other side.

10. Ram other side of cup core.

11. Place spoon in cup on loose sand.

12. Pack sand under spoon and slick smooth with molding spoon.

13. Pack sand under the spoon handle. Vent through cheek and cope.

14. Add drag section of flask. Apply parting dust.

15. Ram drag section with sand.

16. Flip entire mold and clean cope.

17. Remove cope.

18. Cut sprue and gates in cope. Form pouring cup and clean vent hole.

19. Cut runner into cheek.

20. Remove saucer.

21.Pack sand at bottom of cup. This is where metal flows into cup. Sand must be tight.

22. Gently rap cup with trowel until loosened

23.Lift off cheek while holding down cup with your nose.

24. Lifting off cup while rapping with trowel to loosen cup handle cores.

25.  Handle cores after cup has been removed.

26. Gently  replace handle cores.

27. Remove " under the spoon" core.

28. Remove spoon and optional sugar cube pattern.

29. Replace "under the spoon" core. Drag section is done.

30. Replace cheek section of mold.

31. Replace cope section.

32. Clamps are always a good idea.

33. After pouring.

34. Casting with sand off and gates still attached.














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