Lost Foam in Greensand
1. 1921 Peugeot Aluminum Transmission Part

A Peugeot                                                                                              Original part

1. Use the pink or blue high density foam insulation. Carve into shapes and lightly glue together with wood glue.

2. Pack pattern into the drag section of the mold. Stack flasks if you need more depth, extra flasks do not need to be the same size, just close.

3. Flip mold and ram cope. Remove cope and make two 3/4" holes directly over the pattern. One sprue hole and the other to release stinky gas.

4. Pour mold outside! Throw crunchy sand away, reuse moist sand.

2. 1942 Brass Raker Gear

Cast iron raker gear. Cracked and held together with wire.

Foam replica cut and formed with file/sandpaper.

Foam pattern burns away instantly!