Remove cope and stand on it's side. Note sprue and pop-up hole location marked on cope and drag.

Cut sprue and form pop-up. Place hand on opposite side of mold for support. Form a small "pouring cup" on the top of the sprue. slick smooth with your spoon.

  Cut "runner" with tin cutter from the "X" past the pop-up location.

Smooth runner with spoon. Erosion will eat away any rough areas and carry into mold cavity.

Cut "gate" into cope, about 1/4" deep in this case. Gating into the drag would destroy detail in hair.

Smooth gate with spoon.
Gently rap pattern to loosen, then remove. Round the sharp edges where the sprue meets the parting line.
Lightly dust mold with parting  and gently blow out any loose sand. Replace cope and move to pouring area.
Brass Fumes are Dangerous!

Note the Respirator, you must wear a respirator when melting and pouring brass. The fumes contain lead and zinc. Please protect yourself!

Clamp the mold closed (gently), or mold will leak from the parting line.
  Place metal loosely in crucible. Light match and drop inside furnace in front of burner.
Release propane into furnace simultaneously with match. Furnace has a loud roar that tells you it's working. Replace lid, without lid plug.

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