Sample Castings

Lost foam guitar cast by Lost & Foundry.
Created by world famous guitar maker Glenn Wyllie.
Played by Joe Cocker in the movie "Across the Universe"
(Sept 2007).


Aluminum cross, using plastic pattern.

Pool table corner, original and casting with gateing attached.

Brass light switch cover with gating attached.

Car Club Plaque -3" 

 Hood Ornament-3"

Belt buckles

Note: I am not an artist, I make copies, that's all. Packing sand around a pattern and carefully removing it can be done by anyone.

Sample 1    Sample Page 2      Sample Page 3       Sample Page 4      Plane


         The list of castings you can make is endless. Here are just a few!
Antique Auto, Stock car, Hubcaps, Carriage, Tractor, Airplane, Airplane maintenance, Toy airplane, Model airplane, Wood plane, Boat,
Toy boat, Model train parts, Live steam train parts, Bicycle parts, Bathtub legs, Bathroom hardware, Ceiling fan parts, Pool table parts,
Belt buckles, Darth Vader belt parts, Bells, Carousel parts, Swords, Sword sheath, Skulls (all sizes), Bookends,
 Business cards, Knives, Axes, Tomahawks, Keys, Urns, ,Grave markers, Crucifixes, Crosses, Hammers, Ingots, Lighthouse replica, Art,
 Teeth and bones, Bootjacks, Lighting fixtures, Antique coffee grinder,  Light switch covers, Helmet weights/pilots, Bead mixers, Guitar pedals,
Guitar parts, Banjo parts, Steel guitar, Trombone parts ,  Invention prototypes, Car wash vacuum holder, Church pew medallions,
Medallions, Plaques, Signs, Food manufacturing equipment, Pop machine parts, Architectural railing, Bridge Plaques,
Bridge parts, Furniture hardware, Car club plaques, License plates, License plate toppers, License plate frames, Silverware, Roman replicas,
Army replicas, Navy plaque, Door knockers, Tattoo frames, Golf clubs, Hand tools, Wind chime, Foundry tools, Masks, Animal head castings, 
Simpson figurines, Key chain ornaments, Planter feet, Christmas ornaments, Pepsi bottle, Cup, Spoon, Saucer, Filigree, Cast iron toys, Trivets,
Pencil sharpeners, Picture frame, Metal stampings, Figurines, Antique doorknobs/hardware,

Antique hood ornaments, Antique bubblegum machine.


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