Light with wood matches and lid off. Simultaneously drop burning match inside furnace and release gas.

   Flame inside furnace only! No flame in burner tube, if so, turn off and relight with more gas pressure. Flame in the burner tube will make a gurgling sound (like a Wookie in heat), look into the burner opening during operation to see if there is any flame.

 Set hot lid on a brick.                   

 Operate with lid plug out!


Blowout! Does your furnace keep blowing the flame out? Some older furnaces made by other companies are hard to light and keep going. Typical solutions:

1. A small piece of wood (1"x1"x1")  inside the furnace in front of the burner inlet soaked in lighter fluid will keep the flame going until the furnace is properly heated.

2. Place small section of broken brick, any kind 1"x1"x1" approximately, one inch in front of burner inlet inside furnace. This will cause some turbulence and allow the flame to burn evenly until furnace has heated.

3. Light with a weed burner and pre-heat furnace interior also helps.

4. Drop 5-10 wood matches into furnace in front of burner inlet prior to lighting.

5. Tightly twisted newspaper. Caution: causes flaming UFOs.