Lost & Foundry
is a small company in Spokane, Washington.
Family owned, not a corporation

Made in the USA
We make and sell everything you need to make
 greensand castings and teach you how to do it.

 If you ever need help, we are here long after
 the sale to help with any casting problems.

1318 E. Nebraska Ave
Spokane, WA  99208

Visit by appointment only

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 Greensand Metal Casting Classes
Class is 2 hours long and covers sand casting.
You will be making aluminum castings.
Cost is $45,  $30 for kids. Tuesdays & Saturdays 10-Noon.
Spokane, WA.
 Call for available spaces. 

Lost & Foundry Product List:
Bundle items and save. Email Donna your list...

Model A Foundry Set...$455

Model A Furnace.......$355

Large Crucible............$30

 Large Crucible/Lifting shank...$45

Extra Large crucible....$45

Extra Large crucible/lifting shank........$90

Bentonite 12 lbs.---------------$26

Parting Dust--------------------$21

Greensand 20 lbs.--------------$28


Molding Kit------------------------$80

Snap Flask Hardware.....................$15

Model A Furnace Replacement Parts:

Complete Lid-$60

Lid Ceramic Fiber-$25  Screws & Nuts Included.

Complete Body Replacement-$100

 Replacement Base-$110

Conversion kit use with your Model L 
 or S Furnaces...$145   

   Everything you need
  to get started now!

 Model A Foundry Set
 $455 +S/H $95=$550



Set includes:                      
1. Model A Furnace, Burner/regulator
2. 1 Large Crucible
and Lifter
3. Introductory sand molding kit

Email us your zip code , it may save on shipping.

The body section is removable
 for easy crucible access.

Model A Furnace

Burner/regulator included+S/H $60=$415
Interior: 8" wide, 9" tall


Faster than any other gas furnace!
2800F maximum temperature, 90,000 BTU.
The Model A furnace is made with lightweight ceramic fiber refractory and a  castable  refractory base. With a composite of materials, the Model A is able to heat much faster than old traditional heavy furnaces.
This new furnace will melt bronze in 20 minutes and cast iron in less than 30 minutes. No electricity needed. The Model A will accept a crucible 8 Inches tall and 6 inches wide.
Replacement Parts:
Complete Lid-$60
Lid Ceramic Fiber-$25  Screws & Nuts Included.
Complete Body Replacement-$100
Base- $110, Burner-$80

Email with your items and zip code
 for shipping quote and invoice.

6.65" tall and 4.6 inches wide.
Holds 12 Lbs bronze or 4 lbs aluminum.

 Fused Silica Crucible
 Large Crucible .....$45   
Lifting/Pouring Shank Included!

S/H $20=$65


 Large Crucible ONLY $30 + $14  S/H=$44
No lifting shank









8.5 Inches tall and 5.5 inches wide
Holds 19.9 lbs of bronze or
6.65 lbs of aluminum

 Fused Silica Crucible
 EXTRA Large ONLY Crucible......$45
Sh $30

Button below for both Ex Large Crucible and Lifting Shank $90

Lifting Shank for
Extra Large Crucible.....$45
Shipping $30
WARNING!  Lifting shank for aluminum only,
bronze or other heavy metals
will require a 2- person pouring shank.


Our greensand  captures EVERY detail.
  We duplicated a real dragonfly wing,
   the original is in the center.



Pre-mixed and ready to use.
Sand, water and bentonite.
20LBS Greensand
shipping is included.
 Shipped USPS 3 Day Priority!

12 lbs Bentonite.…$26
shipping is included

Add 12 lbs sodium bentonite to 100 lbs silica sand
and 1 gallon of water to make 119 lbs of greensand yourself.
  Sand link
The sand is not just mixed, it is "mulled".
is very important, to coat each sand
 grain with bentonite clay.

Parting dust/Applicator
 $21.00 shipping included!



Replacement  Base…$110

S/H $35 = $145


Intro Molding Kit…$80 
shipping is $20 
 Molding Kit includes: 6 LBS of green sand,  5"x6" flask, bottom & pattern boards, parting dust/applicator,
2 hole cutters, rammer/striker, spoon, trowel,
fine riddle (not shown) , two patterns and step-by-step instructions with photos.
Snap Flask Hardware... $15
A "snap flask" allows you to make
multiple molds using the same flask.

Make a mold and pop the flask off!

Add hinges and snaps to your 5x6 flask for
only $15. For complete kits and intro molding kit.

5X6 Molding Flask


  5x6 Wood Flask
S/H $14 = $54

Flask link.

We ship in 8-10 BUSINESS days of payment. We use FedEx for their superior tracking & handling. International orders are shipped with USPS.
WANT TO SAVE SOME MONEY? EMAIL US your zip code for a lower quote!

Shipping  Prices
USA Only!

International orders must be calculated.
Email location and items for a quote.

Shipping  Prices USA Only!

Lost & Foundry


If you have any questions before or after sale please call 509-487-6832.
We are always here for foundry support.

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