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It is important that people have every opportunity to create, to make shapes of metal using the simple tools god left everywhere.

Our society has turned the art of "metal casting" into a dirty industrial monster. A beast that breathes fire, smoke and scares the ambition out of grown men.

Throughout history knowledge of working metal has been a closely guarded secret, past on from master to apprentice. But it did not always work that way, sometimes they died with their secrets!

Example 1. Antikythera mechanism. An ancient mechanical calculator, thought to have been made in 150-100 BC. Items of this type were not made for 1000 years.

Example 2. The iron pillar of Deli, India. It is 22 feet high and  98% pure wrought iron. Made about 400 AD. The pillar was made 1400 years before before Bessemer patented the process!

Example 3. The Ice Man. Found in a glacier in 1991, a mummy from 3300 BC. In his possession was a copper axe.
High levels of both copper particles and arsenic were found in his hair. This, along with his copper axe which is 99.7% pure copper, has led scientists to speculate that he (Ítzi) was involved in copper smelting.
Most modern metal fabricators cannot duplicate this simple process.

Please help us promote metal casting.

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