Cope removed from mold. Cope must be lifted straight up. Sprue hole is cut into cope by twisting the cutter and inserting into mold. Hand must be placed on opposite side of cope where tube comes through.
Cut runner bar with tin gate cutter. Slick smooth with spoon, most erosion happens here! Cut and slick gate. Form sprue base with handle of trowel. Round all sharp edges.
Lightly rap the pattern to loosen it from the sand, remove the pattern Form runner bar pop-up (pressure release) and casting riser. Smaller vents are made at the wing tips. Lightly blow off any loose sand.
Blow out drag section of mold. Replace cope on drag.
A snap flask can be opened and used again. With clasps or hooks on one side. Hinges on the other side.

Just like a regular

After opening flask is removed and reused. An outside show, of course!
Place ingot or scrap loosely in crucible. Heating metal will expand and crack crucible! Light with wood matches and lid off.
SIMULTANEOUSLY Turn on gas and drop match into furnace. Drop match in front of burner.

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