Model A FurnaceTM


  Cast your own projects with this naturally aspirated, propane furnace. Hook up to any standard tank, requires no electricity and NO BLOWER. Very easy to use and affordable.

The Model A furnace is made with lightweight ceramic fiber refractory and a  castable  refractory. With a composite of materials, the Model A is able to heat much faster than our old traditional heavy duty furnaces. This new furnace will melt bronze in 12 minutes and cast iron in less than 30 minutes!  Faster than any other gas furnace.

This furnace will accept a crucible 8 Inches tall and 6 inches wide. The body section is removable for easy crucible access.

Replacement Parts:
Complete Lid-$60
Lid Ceramic Fiber-$25 
Screws & Nuts Included.
Complete Body Replacement-$100
Base- $110
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Inspector 12

Cut away view.


Model A furnace safety features:
1. No Electricity makes the furnace easier to use.
2. View slots on the lid make checking your melt safer.
3. Stay-lit burner component keeps flame from blowing out.
4. Monolithic base section for crucible is stationary and does not move.

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1.Furnace Lighting Instructions   

1.Eliminated the need for sand mixing equipment.
Do not let the sand dry out and it does not need to be "mulled or remixed".

2.Eliminated the pyrometer.
By timing the melt after the last piece turns molten.

3.Eliminated the need for aluminum degassing.
Timing the melt and promptly pouring does not give
the melt time to absorb gas.

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Our old furnaces (model L & S) were very heavy. The new Model A is twice as fast and uses half the propane!  

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