Steel Crucibles for Aluminum and Yellow Brass.
Lifting Shank and Pouring rod come with every crucible!

#4 Small size 4" wide and 6"tall $55. Will hold approx. 7 lbs. of aluminum and 23 lbs.    Yellow brass.


#8 Large size 6" wide and 8"tall-$65. Will hold approx. 15 lbs. of aluminum and 44 lbs.
Yellow brass. About 1 gallon in liquid form. New thicker crucibles will last longer, 3/16 thick!

Fire clay crucible $30. Will hold 45 grams precious metals or 2-3 LBS Bronze, copper, brass, gold or silver.

                       Buyer pays shipping, send your zip code for a quote. Between $10 -$15 usually.

To clean a steel crucible, bang upside down on a hard surface (concrete or brick) while still hot. Scaling on the outside of a steel crucible is normal.



Larger crucibles available!






Furnace flame should not directly strike the steel crucible!

Melting bronze, copper or red brass requires a silicon carbide crucible, cast iron requires a clay graphite crucible.

1.Lift crucible with tongs.   2.Place in pouring pigtail.   3. Pour metal into mold.



Pictured in the photo below are 2 types of lifting tongs for silicon and clay crucibles, the one with handles sticking out  requires two people, the other requires one person. In the center is the pouring shank required for this type of crucible. You can get this at

To clean a silicone carbide or clay graphite crucible they must be carefully scraped with a steel half moon shape that contours with the crucible while still hot.



*Steel crucibles are not recommended for melting bronze, silver, gold, iron, steel, titanium or others. See above. During melting some iron contamination will occur, unless a ceramic coating is applied. Most aluminum and brass casting alloys have some iron already in it, not really a problem in most cases.