Easy Molding For Schools and large groups

Open Face Molding/ Drag only  (Flask-Free)

Craft Molding/ Cope and Drag

Simple tools you will need: Small plastic bowl, Sand, fine screen (sifter), small pattern, two hole makes (dowel or copper tube), wood stick to ram with and duct tape.

Tape pattern to bottom of bowl. Use sifter to cover your pattern with fine sand, then fill the rest of the bowl to top.

Ram the sand hard into the bowl, fill with more sand and ram again.

When rammed full, strike off the rest off the sand until top is flat.
Flip your bowl over onto a small board.
Remove bowl carefully. Blow away any loose sand.


The bottom section of the mold is the "drag", the top (with two holes in picture) is called the "cope".

Ram an empty bowl full of sand and strike off any sand. Insert dowels to form holes.

Flip over and remove bowl, make sure holes go all the way through.

Take the cope (top) and set it on top of the drag (bottom) section.

Pour in your molten metal. This is done by adults and is very safe for the kids to watch from a distance.
Craft molding was developed to teach molding to disabled kids and adults. You can also use this for cub scouts, youth groups or craft fairs to teach sand casting.
Anyone can do it, its easy and fun!

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